Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hello all, I'm  "K.D."

This is my first post of many.

Soon I will be making an appearance at all of the best Florida Keys & Key West businesses, special events, local civic and environmental fundraisers.  I have a very special place in my little pink heart for the Treasure Village Montessori School.  In fact, I'll spend the largest part of my spare time and weekends over the next year working to rebuild their playground!  

With all of this "technology" and web stuff going on, I decided that I needed a place to share all of my adventures.   So, I guess here will be the place!  I will be posting lots of pictures video here and on my Facebook page!  So join my "flock" because following me is FREE and FUN.

I LOVE a great deal, so I put together this really awesome program called Keys Discounts that lets me do fun stuff and support so many great causes all at the same time!  

B.T.W, don't forget, if you see me out, make sure to say "hey" and show me your Member ID.  Also, don't forget to get your picture taken with me!  Maybe I will even buy you a drink or invite you to join me for some REALLY awesome Keys adventures!  Perhaps we'll go for a dive, take a fishing trip, go parasailing or even take a Jet Ski Tour!   

Did I mention I also have an app published in iTunes for the iPad?   I will be adding a new section highlighting all of the wild and crazy friends I meet along my journey! Yes, that means I will be putting YOUR FACE in my App to be seen by millions! (well... tens of thousands for sure!) 

Cheers to our local businesses...the FUN is about to begin!